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Are there fees for the clinics?

Clinics are private but open to all patients.  The standard fee for a new appointment is $200 with a review appointment at $100.  There are reductions for aged pension card holders.  Medicare refunds are automatically deposited in your account. There are no extra fees for Gold Card DVA holders and ADF personnel.
Anyone looking to have completely free urology assessments can be seen via Monash Health at Casey Hospital in Berwick

Do I need to make an appointment to get investigation results?

Generally Philip will try and avoid bringing you back to the clinic for pathology results.  You will either be told by phone or receive a letter detailing what happens next.  It is usually a good idea to see CT/MRI scans and Philip will often arrange appointments in these circumstances.

Do I need an appointment for repeat prescriptions?

Most repeat prescriptions can be provided by your own GP so there is no need to attend clinic for these. E prescriptions should soon be available which should make getting medicines easier.

Why do I need a new referral?

For reasons best known to Medicare most GP referrals only last for 1 year.  If you keep coming back to the clinic after a year you will need a new referral. Specialist cross referrals only last 3 months.

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