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Flexible cystoscope

Flexible cystoscopy

A common investigative procedure

This is one of the few investigations that is actually easier for females than males - the urethra is considerably shorter!
A very small fibreoptic telescope is introduced into the bladder through the urethra allowing excellent views of the bladder, prostate and urethral linings.  It is even possible to perform small biopsies and seal off any bleeding areas using diathermy/electrocautery or lasers. Most telescopes nowadays are digital which means you will be able to get the same view as the surgeon on a monitor - you should ask for a guided tour.
No special preparation is required and the vast majority of cases can be safely done without any anaesthetic.   Some lignocaine gel can be used to reduce discomfort though this mostly acts as a lubricant.  Water or saline is washed through the telescope to improve the view and this may give the sensation of passing water.  The whole procedure should only last a few minutes.
You will be asked to stay in the hospital/clinic until after you have passed some water.  There may be some blood in the urine for a day or two and if this can be improved by drinking plenty of fluids.  Provided you have not had an anaesthetic, you should be able to go about your normal daily business aft

Flexible cystoscopy: Features
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